Staples are relatively simple fasteners. The range of these products is, nevertheless, very wide due to various application types, types of materials to be fastened, desired holding power or the materials used for their production.

Staples according to their usage

- upholstery staples (for example types 115, 125, 52) used for cloth stapling, leather fixing, mouldings and decorative trims etc.

- carpentry staples (for example types 92, 90, 95) used for fixing wooden elements, furniture production, mouldings and decorative trims etc.

- construction staples (for example types 14LC, 14L, 140) used for wooden constructions, solid fastening of wooden, wood-based and plastic elements, in mutual combinations etc.

- building / heavy staples (for example types 7, 17, 148) used in the construction of wooden structures, fixing gypsum boards or polystyrene (when insulating buildings)

- carton staples (for example types K-11, K-15, K-33) used for boxes production, packaging (made of paper, cardboard, plastic) or for carton closing etc.

Staples according to their holding power and fastening quality

– standard, made of galvanized wire with specified hardness and resistance of zinc coating
– divergent point, with legs deviating in opposite direction that gives extra holding power
– resined coating, covered with adhesive synthetic resin, increasing the strength of the connection

Staples according to the material used for their production

– galvanized, made of galvanized steel wire with specified technical parameters
– stainless steel, made of stainless steel wire with specified chemical composition and technical parameters


Staples are manufactured mainly from multi wirebands on special lines – the hydraulic presses.
This technology ensures full dimensional repeatability and high quality of our staples, that is essential when working with pneumatic tools. Non-standard or special staples are produced in short series on our special automatic machines for single wire.

Our sales department is ready to assist you while placing order, which shall includes the following details:

  • type of staple
  • leg length in mm
  • additional designations: S– stainless steel, DP– divergent point, R – resin-coated,

Example: Staple 92/25S

Upholstery staples can be also ordered in black color. Below we present our current production program. There is also a posssibility to produce fasteners according to individual customer request and according to provided documentation and samples.

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