Pins and brads are popular fasteners widely used in furniture industry, woodwork and carpentry, construction, packaging, wood crafting etc. They are manufactured from multi wirebands on a special automatic, programmed and numerically controlled lines. This ensures the assumed precise, full dimensional and qualitative repeatability, essential for fault-free operation of the pneumatic pinners and bradders.


We produce the following types:
- brads (with head) marked with ST
- pins (without head) marked with S

Both types are offered either galvanized (as standard) or stainless steel grade A2.

Please, specify the following details while placing your order:

  • type (S or ST)
  • length in mm
  • material (add S for stainless steel)

S 1,2/25 - galvanized pin
ST 1,6/50 S - stainless steel brad

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