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Our current product range includes a wide choice of nails for pneumatic or gas nail guns.

Nails are divided into following categories

- Wire collated nails, strips or coils, angles 16° or 33°
- Plastic tape collated nails, angle 21°
- Paper tape collated nails, angle 34°

- Black nails (non-galvanized)
- Galvanized nails and screw nails
- Stainless steel screw nails

- smooth shank nails (or plain nails)
- screw shank nails
- ring shank nails

Nails dimensions are to be confirmed with our sales department over the phone or through the contact form on our website. Please specify the following when placing your order: diameter, length, finish, shank, collation type.

2,5 x 60 galvanized, ringed, wire collated, angle 16°
2,8 x 90 galvanized, spiral, plastic tape collated
3,1 x 90 black, smooth, paper tape collated

For the purpose of your order and invoice, one unit is considered to be 1,000 (one thousand) pieces. There might be different numbers of nails in strips or coils depending on their diameters or lengths and there might be different packaging for specific nail types.