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KAMET-AKES Zygmunt Kanigowski
NIP: 5671284725

ul. Wiejska 7, 09-130 Baboszewo, Polska
Phone: +48 23 66 11 083
Fax: +48 23 66 11 190
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We are looking forward to doing business with you

Dear Customers,

I would like to invite you to familiarize yourselves with KAMET-AKES product range.

I have been an entrepreneur producing fasteners since 1991. At present, we are continuing the production program of AKES company and we are manufacturing staples and pins bearing AKES® trademark.

I can assure that my company has all the things that are necessary to deliver the highest quality products – extensive manufacturing experience, qualified staff and the latest technologies and production equipment.

I am looking forward to doing business with both professionals using fasteners and pneumatic tools, as well as trading companies interested in selling those products.


Yours faithfully,

Zygmunt Kanigowski